Today the European Union held its annual State of the Union address and during it proclaimed we have now we’ve entered a Digital Decade. Of course, this phrase was used to tie together different policy initiatives relating to investing in digital technology and infrastructure. Yet it seems fitting to reflect on the approach towards digital communcations of institution today. Shoddy live streaming aside here’s 4 things I noticed about their use of digital.

No.1: Omnipresence

Framing of the Livestream always featured the tag. The use of a single identifier keeps the online discussion focused, critical for projecting event scale when you have a small active audience size

No.2: Contextualizing

Digital means you can supplement speeches in different ways and their use of footage alongside remarks is a good example. However, not a good example of how to do it as the footage often felt overly stocky and out of step. Never, just use something, always make it useful

No.3: Seeding

Following up every key remark with graphics and threads on them with more info. A great example of seeding debate with prepared content around your live event. Remember, social media moves fast and you can’t count on your remarks getting seen if you only make them once

No.4: Accessibility

Website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Periscope. That’s designing for digital accessibility to the extreme. Sure, you might split your attendee totals but when the goal is public awareness going where your audiences are is key

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